April 2013

We have some good things ahead. No, I can't promise the economy will pick up and you will have too much work coming in. Although it does seem that things are on the upswing.

My personal plan is to use our PTG promotional items at teacher recitals to boost interest in piano's, RPT, PTG, my business and regular piano care. I will have the display set up and give a 5 minute talk before the recital begins. Our next meeting will include discussion of some additions to our promotional kit.

Speaking of meetings, as was announced in February's newsletter, our April meeting will be on the 24th at 10 am. We will be meeting in Altamonte near the Mall. Meeting locations will also be discussed.. Other items are listed in the right column of this newsletter.

Nancy Shackelford and Cheryl Tschanz the current president of the Central Florida Music Teachers Association will be in attendance at our April meeting. Discussions will begin on cooperation between our two local organizations with a goal of mutual benefit. At our last two meetings we discussed the obvious link these two organizations have and how an alliance would seem to be a wise course. We look forward to having our two guests at our next meeting and hopefully get some type of ball rolling. Please bring your idea's and be ready to brainstorm.


PTG Promotion
PTG promote 01
PTG promote 02

I think we understand what is going on here. However, really......what where they thinking."I will just cover the capstan dent with some thin felt. It will look so much better??" I guess it could stop some noise problems or friction. All that trouble when removing the old and putting new felt of the correct size would be almost the same amount of work or less. hmmmm.

Wait ....did I do this in 1991?? Did you do this in 1982 Brian?

All right who did this? Will anyone fess up?

long action screw
Those are EBows that he sets on the strings. Normally used for guitar.
We have a new member in our Chapter; Michael Mathwig. He has recently completed the first year piano program at the noted Boston School North Bennet Street. He is currently an Associate Member and has passed his technical and written tests to RPT. He is now working in the Orlando area as a piano tuner/tech and preparing to pass his tuning test. His business is Keynote Tuning. We welcome "Mike" and look forward to working with him.
Q  Does a piano soundboard really need to have crown?

A.1 Yes, when it is constructed and before it is strung to pitch.
After that mother nature takes over and the ball is in her court. I have played pianos old and new, with and without crown (I measure crown all the time.) Usually they measure no more than a 1/16 to 1/8 inch at most. Some of the best sounding pianos I have played had no visible crown. That being said, crown and bearing are quite critical when restringing. Sometimes the best solution is to recap the bridge and set the bearing according to the crown left in the board if keeping the old board. db

A.2 Several of my customers have piano's with flat soundboards. So, I guess crown isn't needed to use a piano.
A.3 Send another answer.

Send something Please....



"I mean, give me a guitar, give me a piano, give me a broom and string, I wouldn't get bored anywhere. "

- Keith Richards      Rolling Stones

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April 24 , 2013 - 10 am

Uptown Lofts
285 Uptown Blvd, Altamonte Springs 32701

  1. Meeting locations
  2. Additions to promotion kit
  3. CFMTA and PTG Central Florida

Technical: If any time we can look at piano in meeting room.

May 29 , 2013 - 10 am

To be decided


  1. Officer nominations
  2. More to come

Technical: to be decided


What was Handel's most famous oratorio?

Answer hint: JC



Piano Bridge Redesign

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