September 2012

Welcome to the newsletter for our Central Florida Chapter of PTG. The goals of our Chapter will no doubt be evolving in the next several months and hopefully our members can join in and contribute to helping PTG be a more prominant figure in the Orlando area. If we can promote PTG and RPT, the community should see the high level of service it represents and in turn give us more work in a struggling economy.

We should also look forward to gathering at our upcoming meetings . Some of the things we will be considering should help us achieve the items mentioned above. We will also endeavor to provide insight for improving our knowledge and skill through technical classes and other helpful topics. The piano industry and musical community has gone through some very interesting changes in the last decade. In order for us to stay successful in our work we will need to be on top of the industry and improve or skills and diversity as much as possible.

This newsletter will be a supplement to our regular meetings. Hopefully it will give our members a chance to share ideas, thoughts and other useful information for us all to benifit from. I encourage all of you to contact me with idea's for articles, helpful and interesting web links, and all kinds of media that will contribute to our progress. I welcome articles by our members that can be posted here. Upcoming newsletters will expand on this. One regular feature will be WWTT (What Were They Thinking). This will highlight design, and other issues that make it difficult for us. It should be a good learning experience. Please be on the lookout for items to add to this feature. Pictures, pictures, pictures is what we want and video too. Let's make this fun, exciting, educational and encouraging. 

Dan Berg RPT

Sticky Stick

We glue pieces of wood together all the time and we assume it will hold. It's glue right? Squirt it on and smear it around, clamp it some way and voila...fixed. Here is a woody fact to remember; For glue to do it's best job, the wood surfaces need to be clean and fresh. So here are the things to do when gluing wood to wood or wood to other things like felt, plastic etc.

  1. Clean the surfaces: scrape, sand etc.
  2. Try to mate the surfaces well, no gaps.
  3. Use enough glue, some squeeze out.
  4. Don't use expired glue. Yes it does have an expiration date. Usually about a year for yellow PVA (Titebond). Call the manufacturer for details. They have people waiting to answer your questions about thier product.
  5. If there are gaps, use a glue for that purpose eg. gap filling glue, epoxy.
  6. Do your research and now the products you are using to avoid a failure.

Keeping it tight...........Woody


I don't need to tell you the brand because we all have probably seen this and had to deal with it (see photo below). Why would a piano maker use such a long screw for the action rail. These screws are usually very tight as well, making it very difficult to remove and reinstall. I have had to extract a couple of these that have broken off as well. Not enjoyable! To me this seems like a bad design. This is one of the many reasons why so many domestic piano manufactuers are no longer around. What Were They Thinking

Brian Scott RPT

long action screw
Q What does it take to pass the RPT exam?

A.01 You need to get an 80% correct score on all three tests.

  1. Written: piano knowlege
  2. Tuning: ear and ETD if desired
  3. Technical: repairs and regulation

Practice practice practice or work work work. You may already have most of the skill needed to pass. If you want more info....ask ask ask and do some searching on the PTG website.


September 26, 2012 - 10 am

Steinway Piano Gallery, Altamonte Springs

  • bylaws for new members
  • promoting PTG through organizations and music teachers etc.
  • newsletter ideas

Tool Event: Bring a favorite jig and demonstate or explain how it works (5 min)

Bring tools to sell, buy tools. We have members wanting to sell tools. Working on list for you.


October 24 , 2012 - 10 am

Steinway Piano Gallery, Altamonte Springs
  • Continue PTG promotion
  • making youtube videos for chapter
  • improving chapter website
Technical: Grand Regulation / Steinway style

Yer replacin' a string and it keeps comin' off yer hitch pin. Don't hang the jib. Get ya a piece of rubber hose or one of those square rubber lifter wire grommets fer spinets (see photo below) and slip it over ye hitch pin to belay yer wire while ye make yer coil. Arr! Thars' a tip fer ye!

square rubber grommet

grommet on pin

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