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This page is dedicated to idea's for our newsletter.

Browse through it and see if there is a subject that interests you enough to write a few sentences or thoughts, send a video link, web page link or photo to contribute to our newsletter.

All members are welcome to submit.



Short technical's on a simple procedure. Just share your way of doing it. Photo's or video would be helpful to accompany brief explanations although not essential.

Subjects might include:

  1. string splicing
  2. tuning technique
  3. fixing noisy damper
  4. replacing felt or leather
  5. adjusting springs
  6. regulation method
  7. finding noises
  8. removing spinet action
  9. lighting solutions
  10. replacing ivory
  11. quickie repairs
  12. hammer filing
  13. etc.


Send a story or photo with caption of the worst piano you have tuned or at least lately.
If you have any good idea's for improving business strategy, increasing clients generating more income, share if you like.
Share idea's that would benefit the piano industry, manufacturing, sales, service and use. Think forward - help keep our trade alive.
Share some piano history with us all. Make us aware.
Just what it is. Give us some trivia.

Write almost anything piano related, very short or longer.

Such as:

  1. Editorials on : business, industry, piano store future, internet piano sales, piano design, piano history, overcoming obstacles, future of the piano industry, etc.
  2. Brief thought on some item of your interest
  3. Information to benefit other members
  4. News events or items
  5. Health
  6. Insurance
  7. Education
  8. Balancing family & work
  9. Traffic
  10. Playing the piano
  11. Old age and piano tuning
  12. Methods of teaching
  13. Relationships with piano teachers
  14. Institutional work
  15. Piano store work
  16. Concert work
  17. etc.

Send a link to a Youtube video that is music or piano related. Or use your camera or smart phone to record a piano related item, procedure or event.

These will be very short little items that help our work to be quicker, easier, clearer or just cool. A photo would be helpful if possible.
Some news from our industry that you have learned about would be good to share with all. It's hard to keep on top of everything so if you hear an item please pass it on.
This is dedicated to items in piano design and construction that do not seem to make sense. They make it difficult to service the instrument and do not add anything to the design in a helpful or practical way. Ah! It's good to vent!
Share an experience with a popular artist, professional, etc. that would give us a laugh or make us go hmm...interesting or WOW! or you've got to be kidding or I don't believe it.
What is selling in the piano field and what is on the down swing.

Make use of your fancy schmancy smart phone or camera. While your at your tuning calls or in the shop make a quick shot of anything that is:

  1. Humorous
  2. New
  3. Broken
  4. Unique
  5. Very worn
  6. Repaired badly
  7. Your repair solution
  8. Well designed
  9. Poorly designed
  10. Obsolete

Take a picture of:

  1. Carved legs and case parts
  2. Inlays
  3. Bridge cap designs and carving
  4. Plate scroll designs
  5. Soundboard decals
  6. Trapwork design
  7. Bench covers
  8. Piano lamp idea's
  9. Stage designs where you tuned
  10. Wound string engineering
  11. A beautiful piano
  12. An ugly one
  13. etc.

Send favorite sayings, quotes, bits of wisdom, proverbs, anecdotes, humorous sayings, facts of life, etc.

This is all about wood. Any facts, information, working procedures, problems, pictures will be good. Piano related wood info would be great. Also, if you have any tools or other items that make our working with wood more pleasurable or easier that would be great. Good places to buy tools or find woodworking information.
The best piano you have tuned or one that you always prefer and why. It's good to know that there are beautiful pianos out there. Send just a pic if you want.
Ways we can interact with our customers to generate more trust in our services, gain more business, build confidence in PTG and RPT and create enthusiasm for music and the piano.
Pose a question to our chapter members. Get some feedback. Increase your wisdom.

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