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Damper (15)
String (16)
Plate (17)
Agraffe (18)
Tuning pin (19)
Pin block (20)
Back check (11)
Damper lever (12)
Damper tray (13)
Spoon (14)
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(10) Hammer
(9) Repetition lever
(8) Hammer shank
(7) Drop screw
(6) Hammer flange screw
(5) Jack
(4) Regulating screw
(3) Wippen
(2) Capstan
(1) Key

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  1. Professional developement.
  2. Piano Technicians Journal - monthly magazine packed with helpful info.
  3. Group rates & discounts on insurance, rental cars, merchant credit card processing, advertising and more.
  4. Access to a nationwide membership with years of experience.
  5. Discounts at the PTG store.
  6. Guide to resources membership and industry directory.
  7. And more......go to to get the full picture
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