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Buying A Piano
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The internet has brought access to an almost overwhelming amount of information on pianos and piano sales. To be sure, it would be wise to use this to our advantage. Not only can we do extensive research on piano history, manufacturing, nomenclature, and pricing, we can use the internet to contact professionals who can assist us to make a wise purchase based on our budget and desires or requirements. Today we are in a very good position to make a good piano purchase. red light flashingThe best thing to do before buying is to check with one of our technicians to get a professional opinion on your intended purchase. Many pianos have been purchased that are not in usable condition. If you want to improve your chances of a wise purchase, hire the technician to do an inspection which will probably be the price of a tuning fee. Also check out the Piano Buyer website for invaluable information on buying used pianos. Read the online Fancy Edition of the book.