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I Inherited a Piano???
nice piano

I just inherited a piano and I was wondering how much it is worth. The quick answer to this question would be; "probably not as much as you may think." Although in some cases an older piano can be quite valuable in a financial sense, such as larger grands, wonderfully restored grands by notable makers or rare pianos that may have antique value or some sort of heritage, most pianos hold a modest value. In the case of later models, these have the current street value for the particular maker, size, furniture style and finish.

The care of a piano is a concern for new inheritors. If it will be used as a musical insturment or sit as a piece of furniture is the first question. If it will be played, then it would be wise to call a qualified piano technician and schedule a visit to inspect the instrument and have needed tuning, adjustments, cleaning and questions answered. If of quality manufacturing and in good condition, a piano can last a lifetime or more if taken care of properly. See our technician list to schedule an appointment with someone in your area.

If value of the piano is a concern or interest, many technicians can also give an appraisal of current or replacement value for insurance or other purposes.