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Value Of My Piano?
nice piano

The value of pianos can be anywhere from $0 (old upright) to around $300,000 (really nice usually big new grand). There are probably a few pianos valued much higher but they would be very rare. Just because a piano is old does not make it valuable. In fact, if a piano is old and original, it's value is no doubt rather low on the scale depending on condition. Well rebuilt pianos of certain makers hold more value than if they were left in original condition. Especially if they have deteriorated to a great degree. For the most part, antique value is not synonymous with old pianos. There are some unique old pianos that need to be kept original for the sake of history and their value is dependent on the particular history of each instrument.

To determine the value of your piano here is what you can do:

  1. Do extensive research on your particular instrument and come to some sort of determination
  2. Hire a professional appraiser or a piano technician that does appraisals