March 2016


We are in the process of planning a one day "Big Meeting". It would involve one-on-one training in preparation for RPT testing as well as a presentation by our Regional VP; George Davis. This will occur on April 30th 2pm to 4pm if all goes well. We will have helpful information for anyone desiring to step into RPT status or those who need to understand piano servicing to a greater degree. If you are planning to test at the National Convention this would be a great stepping stone to success.

Our Meeting on March 30th will also have a discussion on assisting those in the central Florida area wanting to progress in piano knowledge and skill throughout the coming year.

Those wanting to take advantage of this training will need to make it a priority to be present and to keep in touch with those that can help. It could be compared to a College institution; you will get out of it what you are willing to put in. Education is the responsibility of the learner. Instructors guide you along the way. Learning piano technology will take a lot of research, experimenting, experience, trial and lots of error. It takes a great commitment to the craft. Hang in and call me if you have any questions or concerns. I am here to help you.

It has been over a year since our last Newsletter. I could say I have been too busy but the real reason is...... I have to do it with hardly any input from others.... so our Newsletter will come out when I feel moved. If I see an influx of information I can easily do this once a month or at least on a more regular basis. See the contribute link above for some very simple and quick ways to contribute as well as more involved ways to share your knowledge and experience. Input from tech's in other chapters are welcome.



The Horace Waters Piano

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name platename plate
name plate
Horace Waters key
well, look at that
unique key design
close upclose up
closer look
bug in stringsbug in strings
this note sounds dead

Use Your Smart Phone and Tablet

Now we are officially in the Electronic Age. Most every business uses electronic devices for communication, and business transactions. Paperless is coming into fashion. We can now use these devices successfully for the following:

  1. reading the PTG journal
  2. credit card payment
  3. appraisal research
  4. advertising
  5. database records
  6. spreadsheets
  7. invoicing
  8. email
  9. serious note taking
  10. designing/drawing
  11. photo / video
  12. photo / video editing
  13. music recording/mixing
  14. email
  15. writing
  16. weather / radar
  17. navigation
  18. checking traffic
  19. tuning
  20. scanning
  21. research library
  22. catalogs/ ordering
  23. translation
  24. currency calculation
  25. calculations
  26. PDF creation
  27. measurement conversion
  28. piano chord library
  29. running QRS players
  30. electronic instruments
  31. on and on
If you do not have a smart phone or tablet with cellular data, now is the time to seriously consider one. The benefits for business are overwhelming.


The one string per note piano made by David Klavins

Bridge Pin Repair

Bridge pin repair


This repair is not that difficult except for the fact that it usually happens right next to the plate strut. In this case the plate was out which made it a piece of cake. It can be done with the plate in though. It just won't be as neat and will be a challenge to carve. It will need to be done though if the pin is really loose.

  1. remove the wire from the bridge pins
  2. pull out bridge pin(s) with tool of choice
  3. clean out broken wood and make right angle
  4. make a maple piece to fit... slightly oversized to carve later...match existing grain angle
  5. glue in place with 5 min epoxy.... no clamps needed
  6. apply graphite if needed
  7. carve new wood to match existing carve
  8. tap in new pin with some 5 min epoxy... let dry...file down to match others
  9. install wire and tune
  10. pat yourself on the back and smile

If the room to work is very limited just remove the wire and pin, get some epoxy in the break with existing wood, push the pin in, clean up and let dry. Install wire and tune


"Sometimes I can only groan, and suffer, and pour out my despair at the piano!"

Frederic Chopin


What is B double flat?

The effect of each flat symbol (♭) lowers the pitch of the indicated note a semitone (or a half step), so B double flat is the pitch "B" lowered by two semitones (two half steps). The resultant pitch would sound the same as the pitch "A".


March 30th , 2016 10 am

D. C. Moore & Sons (Bergs Shop)
1201 Upsala Rd Sanford, FL 32771

  1. April Seminar
  2. Plans for educating our Chapter
  3. Elect Officers
  4. Open forum

Technical.....Noises and repairs
techniques, tools and other stuff to conquer them
Bring your stuff to show us.

April 30th, 2pm to 4pm

D. C. Moore & Sons (Bergs Shop)
1201 Upsala Rd Sanford, FL 32771

Presentation by George Davis RVP

Hands on repair technical




Una Corda

Una Corda Piano


Effective Use of The World Wide Web

The www, internet, web, online, google it, do an online search, I learned it on youtube, like us on facebook, he tweeted. All these terms would have been strange terms to use 30 years ago. Now they are as common as buttered bread. Many of us in PTG have been working professionally for more than thirty years at times wondering if someone will call to have their piano tuned so we can butter our own bread. For so long the best way to get customers was advertising, word of mouth or referrals from piano stores. These methods still work of course and word of mouth is probably the best endorsement for any business as long as the "word" is a good one. It should be very clear, though, to all those in business that the Internet is the place to be if you want to have better success.

Millennials or the up and coming generation is locked into the internet like a prison. They can hardly go an hour without checking something on their phone or pad. Admittingly, all of us are quite attached to our electronic devices. The customers of now and the future are using the internet to find things whether it be information or services. There is a plethora of avenues to drive on if you want to exploit the internet to expand your business. If your web presence is weak your connection to a whole group of customers is weak.

The sign of a weak web presence shows itself quite often. Usually it is in the form of poor graphics or difficult navigation. If something looks nice and is easy to use, then people are drawn to it. Think of the websites, magazines or TV ads etc. that you enjoy. Ask yourself why you like them visually and set this as a goal for your own information channel. Much of what is on the web is like the TV ads from the 1950's and 1060's; just a picture or very simple graphics and a few dull words whereas TV ads now have become more interesting and visually stimulating than the TV show itself. Make no mistake, people will choose you based on your web presence just like they would have chosen a service from the yellow pages based on the best looking or largest ad. In conclusion; a nice looking well designed one page website will be far more effective than a bland poorly designed multi page website. Perhaps we will continue this later.


Cactus Man

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